Winter walk at Arundel

Full winter conditions on Arundel downland

As part of their research into candidates for the new choir MD, walk organiser Peter and navigator Dave found themselves in Arundel on a snowy afternoon on 19 March.  They had travelled down ahead of an evening rehearsal in order to enjoy the town and surrounding countryside. After visiting the impressive cathedral (with surely potential for a choir visit one day) they parked at the Black Rabbit pub on the River Arun and donned full winter walking gear.

Pete and Dave, intrepid walk organisers

Having tracked round the tranquil Swanbourne lake, they ascended to the high snowy wastes of Arundel Park beyond where a chilly wind scoured across the lying snow, intensifying as they reached the downland watershed.  A descent to the river’s sheltered wooded banks near South Stoke brought respite, but the incipient thaw brought tough going in the mud of the water meadows further on. After a two-hour outing the pair had dinner (pies again) in the warmth of the Black Rabbit. 


Banners strides out through the downland snow

The walk was further notable as a tribute to the very first walk undertaken by the CMVC walking group, when three members of the bass section - Peter Gillman, Pete Smith and Jon Evans - undertook a five-mile walk in full winter conditions in the Darenth Valley, Kent on 8 February 2012.  The March 2018 Arundel walk is the first time since then that walking group members have been able to undertake a similar winter walk with settled snow underfoot - a comment perhaps on the effects of climate change on winter weather for choir walkers. 

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