The mad dogs....

The choir walkers have made two outings recently, braving the heatwave to clock up more miles in the Kent and Surrey downland.  The first, on July 16, began and ended at the Dog and Duck in Outwood, with half-time at the Bell, also in Outwood. 

Walkers brave heat in  cornfield crossing 

A select seven walkers took part, determined to show their absent colleagues that no conditions were too challenging for the hardcore walkers.  

The hardcore Outwood seven

The second of the two walks took place on 15 August, when at eight-strong group forged a route through the fields and woods around Biggin Hill airport.  In a throwback to the walking group's beginnings six years ago, the walk was led by bass and group founder-member Pete Gillman, who had been handed the navigational baton by Dave "Banners" Bannister, detained elsewhere for an unmentionable medical procedure.

More bl**dy cornfields

The first part of the walk, from the King's Arms in Leaves Green, followed a circular route of 3.5 miles through a mix of woods and farmland, with only one hitch when Pete lost the navigational plot and was bailed out by tenor Phil Willis.   The halftime rest was taken at the Black Horse in Biggin Hill and at this point the group divided.  Five of the eight selected the high road over downland while three followed the low (and shorter) road past Biggin Hill airport. The group was reunited at the King's Arms around 6pm. 

The Biggin Hill eight 

For the record, just three group members took part in both these summer walks: Phil Willis, Martin Perkins and the aforementioned (and temporary) navigator Pete Gillman



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