Rural walk in suburbia

Ten walkers, plus Nick's dog Misty, gathered at the totally suburban Shirley Crown on 15 March, wondering how Dave the Navigator could deliver on his promise of rural walking.  Not five minutes later, after admiring Shirley Windmill, the group had plunged into the woodland of Addington Hills.  Dave explained how the Blackheath Bed pebble geology in this area was very rare, indicating the unique flora of stunted oaks, birch, gorse and heather.  To their further surprise, he led them to the viewpoint where breath-taking panorama stretched northwards as far as the Wembley Arch and the Canary Wharf towers.

Emerging from Littleheath Woods near Selsdon


After crossing Coombe Lane, the route dropped into the gardens surrounding Heathfield and on to the Bramley bank, with further extensive views southward over open countryside towards Addington. There was a diverting incident when navigator Dave destroyed a waypoint marker post and left it leaning against a tree, then came the next rural oasis at Littleheath Woods is before the group emerged on to a brief section of road north of Selsdon.


Posing for Trevor at Shirley Windmill

The group was soon back on a muddy path leading towards the looming mass of Croham Hurst, another outcrop of the Blackheath Beds, which they ascended via a thickly wooded track. The magnificent view from the top was enhanced by glorious early spring sunshine. Then came the descent to Croham Hurst Golf Club where president and choir baritone Tom Jones was waiting for us, generously treating all to much needed refreshment. He noted that his members were eagerly looking forward to the choir concert in the clubhouse on 18th November.

On the woodland descent to Croham Hurst Golf Club

The return journey continued the rural theme, following a track past Addington Hills, then Coombe Farm and Oaks Farm, and across Shirley Park Golf Course before emerging once more on the main road close to our starting point at the Crown.

Walkers with Mine Host Tom Jones, president at Croham Hurst Golf Club


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