Darren Wilkins, our assistant musical director, is a talented member of the choir's top tenor section.  He is also a superb flautist, pianist, violinist and piccolo player. Appointed assistant director in 2005, he deputises for Richard Hoyle when necessary and also takes charge of the tenors during section rehearsals, leading them as they learn new repertoire.  He has performed as a recital flautist in a range of venues in England and Wales and also performs as a soloist at CMVC concerts. In addition, he directs another small male vocal ensemble in Croydon.


Darren writes:

I joined Croydon Male Voice Choir in October 1996 at the tender age of 20 and have never regretted that decision.   More than twenty years on, as I enter my 40s, it seems strange that I should be one of the longer-serving members of the choir.

I was very fortunate to be appointed assistant musical director some nine years ago.  I have thoroughly enjoyed working with the tenors (and occasionally with the lower voice parts) in sectional rehearsals - although I'm not sure they'd say they have enjoyed working with me.  The tenors are intensively put through their paces in sectionals every Thursday and are often to be found staggering out browbeaten and exhausted at "half time", desperate to join their bariitone and bass counterparts who always seem to get an extra few minutes drinking time!

I've also been lucky enough to take a full rehearsal on the very few occasions when Richard has a work function elsewhere.  It has been a particular pleasure to stand at the front and hear the gloriously full and rich sound that four-part male voices can make.   With the Fairfield massed Male Voice Choir concert looming, I am thoroughly looking forward to teaching the new repertoire and hopefully directing a tenor section that goes from strength to strength - as I am sure it will!

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