We are sad to announce the death of former choir member Ken Murton.  His funeral at Elmers End cemetery was attended by a number of choir members, who sang in his memory.

Ken can be seen in a photograph of the choir taken in 1995.  He is in the front row, fourth from left (next to a youthful Richard Hoyle.)  Can you identify the eight current members of the choir?

Gerry Upjohn writes:  "I certainly identified eight current members in the photograph.  In fact there are ten!"

Dave Binge writes:  "Did you kill off some of the gang on Saturday! I can find TEN current members in the photo!"

Your website editor writes: "It's true, folks.  There are ten after all. Apologies.   Gerry has posed a further teaser: which former choir member forgot his jacket for the photo?"

Gerry, Dave and Nev Clark have now identified all ten current members in the photo.  They are: Brian Cousins (back row fourth from left), Dave Binge (back row, third from right), John Ward Turner (back row, righthand end); Vic Wallace (middle row, lefthand end), John Marshall (middle row, fifth from left), Matthew Wood (middle row, fifth from right), Nev Clark (middle row, fourth from right); George Stevens (front row, second from left), Gerry Upjohn (front row, fourth from right), Dick Diplock (front row, third from right).  Plus of course our current musical director Richard Hoyle, who was then assistant musical director, standing next to Ozzie Arnold, who was MD at the time.

The member who forgot his jacket was John Denson (middle row, third from left) who left the choir in 2008.

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