Choir sings for homeless

DECEMBER 12: The Croydon choir staged a spirited performance at the Whitgift centre on Sunday, winning applause and collecting for charity from pre-Christmas shoppers.

The choir sang along to a range of its recordings, mixing secular and Christmas themes.  More than forty members took part, with up to thirty present at any one time during the four-hour stint.

The choir from above (photo JWT)

The choir was raising funds for the homeless charity Crisis, which is tackling the alarming growth of homelessness in Britain.  It aims to do so by providing temporary accommodation for those in need while also tackling the root causes of homelessness, from increasing housing benefit to campaigning for a strategic government vision to ensure that everyone in Britain has somewhere to live.

The choir’s Whitgift appearance is the first of two during the Christmas period.  The second is on Saturday 22 December.