Choir blows away mayor

MARCH 19: Croydon's mayor, Wayne Trakas-Lawlor, came to our rehearsal on Thursday, March 16 to receive a cheque from chair Kim Ormond for British Home, one of the mayor's favourite charities.  As our photograph shows, the mayor was deeply impressed by how much we had collected for the charity - £380 - at our Whitgift Christmas appearances.

Mayor Wayne Trakas-Lawlor blown away by size of cheque


The mayor stayed on to hear a half-hour set from our current repertoire.  He was visibly impressed, and his partner and consort, Michael Trakas, joined in some of the singing.  In thanking the choir for its donation, the mayor told us he had been determined we should sing at his inauguration dinner from the very first time he heard us.  He was delighted with our singing on that occasion and thanked us again for our contribution to the community life of Croydon. 


Mayor's consort sings along

Our last song for the mayor was our customary farewell piece, How Can I Bear to Leave You?, which the mayor recorded on his phone.

How can we bear to leave you?

Photographs by John Ward Turner