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Stewart Robinson awarded Alan Shield


Second tenor Martin ‘Polly’ Perkins had a rapturous send-off from choir members at the Royal Standard pub on Saturday March 19.

Martin was retiring after many decades as the Standard guvnor, having concluded that he had served enough pints by then for anyone’s good. Choir chair Kim Ormond presented Martin with a framed drawing of the Standard which was done by JWT.

Kim gives Martin his prezzie

A sizeable contingent of the choir serenaded Martin to his rest with the tried and tested apres repertoire, led with gusto by Nev Clark and Banners Bannister.

There were free drinks and food for choir members for a generous part of the evening. The mega-hot sausages and chicken were firm favourites.

Martin displays JWT's drawing (photo JWT)

Pub regulars would not be drawn on how far they felt Martin had contributed to drunkenness and alcoholism in the central Croydon area. Martin has always emphasised the importance of responsible drinking and has done his best to set an example himself.

So farewell then, Polly Perkins

Martin said afterwards: “The choir members did me proud with their present and their drinking. I think some of them thought I was retiring from the choir too and I am sorry to disappoint them.”

A highlight of the evening was the spectacular fire-stick display performed by the popular new Standard barman, Blake Gillman – a multi-talented young man who takes after his grandfather Peter Gillman.


Blake Gillman does his stuff


Stewart Robinson was awarded the CMVC Alan Robertshaw Shield at the choir's annual dinner on Saturday January 10. Baritone Stewart was honoured for his outstanding work as the choir's new concert organiser.

Choir chair Kimball Ormond, who presented the shield, praised Stewart for his vital work in his new role.  Kim added that Stewart may not have been fully aware of just how much work it entailed, but it was all the more impressive and valuable for that.

Stewart said afterwards that he was both surprised and delighted to receive the shield.  He added: "This is the most humble day of my life."

Stewart Robinson: "The most humble day of my life". (Photo: JWT)

The Alan Shield is awarded every year to choir members judged by the committee to have made an important contribution to the choir's activities.  Last year's Alan shield winner was the choir's ebullient archivist, Vic Wallace.

The award announcement was a highlight of another successful choir dinner at Shirley Golf Club.  A key aim of the dinner - formerly known as Ladies Night -  is to thank choir wives and partners for their endeavours in assisting and sustaining the choir and its members during the year.

Ladies have fun at choir dinner (Photo: Keith Sandland)

The diners also noted, with regret, the retirement of David Henderson, a popular top tenor and choir stalwart for many years.  Dave is well-known for his work in support of the children's hospice charity, Demelza.  He accepted a cheque for £460 from Kim at the dinner (see Home Page).  The choir  raised the funds through its singing and collecting at the Whitgift Centre before Christmas.




Just elegant:  JWT and Matthew before the performance

Gerry says Hi during the apres


Gloria and Nev enjoy a joke




Here is a selection of photos from our 2013 Midlands tour

The choir assembles at St Peter's, Wolfhamcote

Banners gives instructions at St Peter's

The choir waits to go on at Rugby

Bulla and Nick at Rugby

The three wise men at Canons Ashby - Ben, John, Dick

Mr and Mrs Evans at Canons Ashby

Mr and Mrs Callender at Canons Ashby


JWT taken by surprise at Canons Ashby (photos by Peter Gillman)

And two more by JWT: Jean Cantrell leads the way at Canons Ashby


The choir at Canons Ashby




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